LeMar has 20 years of experience in the field of digester design and organic waste processing. LeMar works with Oklahoma State University (OSU) Bio Laboratory, which develops bacteria for variety of organic waste applications.

Oil sludge and wastewater containing oil and oil solids has to be processed. LeMar has new special bacteria mix for speedy processing in modular complexes with production of biogas and fertilizer.

Advantages of the Digesters and Bacteria Offered by LeMar:

  • This new generation of digester utilizing in-flow process to accelerate processing by bacteria;
  • OSU designed new combination of bacteria for best digestion of hydrocarbons;
  • Minimum of additional bacteria feeding required;
  • The process recycles produces from 320 to 400 m3 of gas from each ton of sludge;
  • Collected sludge is reach with proteins and is good as agricultural fertilizer after some preparations.